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What is an event derby?

An event derby consists of dressage tests, followed by a jumping course, combining both stadium and cross-country fences. There are approximately, 12 to 22 obstacles on varied terrain; many include banks, ditches, water, and oxers. The event derby is an unrecognized competition adhering as close as possible to USA rules for Eventing. The event derby provides a safe venue for new competitors, green horses, as well as schooling opportunities for the experienced competitor. The event derby provides cross training for both horse and rider, regardless of their equestrian discipline.


The object of dressage is harmonious development of the horse’s physical and mental condition. Horse and rider are required to execute a series of prescribed movements to demonstrate obedience, suppleness, and strength. Each movement is awarded a score from 0 to 10. In addition, the judge assigns collective marks for the horse’s pace, impulsion and submission, as well as the rider’s form and use of aids.

Jumping Phase

This phase is judged according to the USA Eventing Rules. In this phase of the competition, the horse must remain obedient, supple and energetic enough to handle the changes of direction and combination obstacles. Penalties are incurred for knock-downs, refusals, falls and for exceeding the optimum time. The competition concludes with the jumping test. Penalties from each phase are then added together to determine an overall score. The horse and rider with the fewest penalties in each division is declared the winner.


Five dollars of your entry fee will be placed into the jackpot. Each division will have its own Event Derby “Jackpot” winner.

We encourage all riders to come early to walk their course. Once jumping phase has begun, course walks will only be allowed during breaks between divisions.

Download entry form here.